Knowledge and Practice of General Dental Practitioners Concerning Dental Trauma Management in Children in Ahvaz, Iran

  •  Leyla Basir    
  •  Mohsen Shayesteh    
  •  Mahsa Atiyeh Heydari    


Background and Objectives: Traumatic dental injuries (TDIs) are unpleasant experiences for children and they necessitate to be treated as soon as possible. This cross-sectional study aimed to assess the knowledge and practice of general dental practitioners (GDPs) regarding emergency management of TDIs in Ahvaz, Iran.

Subjects and Methods: In this study, a two-part questionnaire was responded by 100 GDPs. The first section included questions on demographic information and the second section was composed of questions on different dental Injuries. One score was assigned to each correct answer; the total score of 10 to 30 was considered as low knowledge and practice, while scores 30-50, 50-70 and above 70 were considered as moderate, good, and high levels of knowledge and practice, respectively. The data were analyzed using Pearson’s Correlation, t-test and regression.

Results: With regards to the level of GDP’s knowledge, the mean score was 59.2%. A total of 100 (51%) dentists showed a good level of knowledge. A significant association was found between knowledge and practice of GDPs in their practice encountering and treating TDI (P=0.001).

Conclusion: The overall knowledge of GDPs about management of TDI in the selected community was good.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.