Relationship between Trees and Shrubs Biodiversity with Some Soil Physical Properties in Hyrcanian Forests (North of Iran)

  •  Vahab Sohrabi    
  •  Hashem Habashi    


In order to evaluation relationship between trees and shrubs biodiversity with some soil physical properties in hyrcanian forests, in range of 850-950 altitude from the sea level in 6 sites (in each site 30 plots) with least interfering of human in north aspect and with equal distance from each other were located. In this 20*50 meter frame, the characteristic of trees and shrubs species (Species name & diameter) recorded. The heterogeneity indices of simpson, shannon–wiener, simpson,s reciprocal, and number of equally common used for the quantitative data. In each plot, four soil samples (500g) taken in the depth ranges of 10–20-cm. After mixing its, one sample (200g) was selected for laboratory. Physical properties of used in research are soil texture (percent of sand, silt, and clay), percent of soil saturation and bulk density. Results showed sand percent have positive correlation in all sites except Carpineo-Paroteum type. In addition, results showed clay percent has negative correlation in all sites. Thus, according to special site condition in forest types, appropriate technique should be base on knowledge of qualitative and quantitative condition of communities.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.