Antifungl Efficiency of Haemolymph and Aqueous Extraction of Red Velvet Mite, T. Grandissimum

  •  Lighty George    
  •  C. Padmalatha    
  •  A. Ranjitsingh    
  •  P. Dhasarathan    


Antifungal activity of the extracts of whole red velvet mite, skin and fresh haemolymph was evaluated. It was very
interesting to observe that all the above three components registered a good antifungal activity. Of the three
products of mites tested, the fresh haemolymph registered the maximum antifungal activity. Next to the
haemolymph, the alcohol extracts of the skin exhibited a high antifungal activity. A dose dependent variation was
observed in the antifungal activity. The extracts of haemolymph at a dose level of 200 mg/disc showed the highest
inhibitory activity.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.