Bioassessment of Kordan Stream (Iran) Water Quality Using Macro-Zoobenthos Indices

  •  Rezvan Nadushan    
  •  Mehrazad Ramezani    


Changes in water and habitat quality of Kordan Stream were examined using community structure and biotic
indices at 3 sites during 2008-2009. This investigation resulted in inventories of benthic insect communities being
obtained from this stream. It also resulted in two metrics being calculated from benthic insect communities. Of the
metrics used, one indicated EPT taxa richness and one involved a biotic index, HFBI, for organic pollution. Water
temperature, water velocity, water depth, dissolved oxygen, BOD5, pH, specific conductivity; phosphate and
nitrate concentrations were within ranges usually capable of supporting a diverse biota. Samples were dominated
by insects and yielded 142 macroinvertebrate taxa. The scores calculated for HFBI was lowest (4.67) and rated
good water quality (some organic pollution probable) at site 1 and increased to 5.45 rated fair (fairly substantial
pollution likely) at site 3. EPT ratings were "under a little perturbation" at three sites, suggesting high taxa richness
and habitat quality in Kordan Stream.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.