Molecular and Morphological Characteristics of Aradi Goats with Prediction Equation of Growth Pattern

  •  M. Elzarei    
  •  E. F. Mousa    


To specify morphological characteristics and choose preferable growth equation for kids up to 24 weeks of age, in Aradi goats, 338 kids of fathered by 25 sires and mothered by 153 does were used. Also, 74 individuals used in assisted with 29 microsatellites markers to identify molecular characterization. Results illustrated the linear equation was preferable according to easy compute, have two linear additive parameters and equation accuracy. The accuracy of that equation was very high ranged from 0.996 and 0.993 for predicted weights in male and female, respectively. Five loci showed only three alleles for each, while the rest of markers ranged from 13 alleles in loci CSRD247 and RM088 to four alleles in locus ILSTS011. The average of observed heterozygosity was 0.63 ranged 0.89 in BM2113 locus to 0.17 in ILSTS002 locus. The expected heterozygosity reached the maximum value in locus RM088 and the minimum one in locus OARE129, the average value was 0.65. The polymorphic information content values ranged from 0.85 (RM088) to 0.22 (OARE129). Thus, the investigation on a set of 29 microsatellites revealed high degree of genetic variability in Aradi goat indicating an important indigenous genetic resource.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.