The Fascio Effect: Biotin and Sleep

  •  Kou Hayakawa    
  •  Takeaki Nagamine    


An Italian maxim says “I bambini che dormono tanto crescono bene”, and the English maxim also says that “All children need to sleep in order to grow and develop”. In this review, we would like to demonstrate the truth of this proverb about sleep together with biotin (vitamin H) and lipoic acid (thioctic acid). Recently, we have found that D-biotin regulates the membrane biosynthesis in the cells. Previously, we have found that purified biotin-recycling enzyme biotinidase is also able to hydrolyze enkephalin and neuro-peptides. Thus, biotin state and sleep should be strongly linked to each other. In this report, we have investigated the expression of hormone receptors in some diseases using the new proteomics of protein-direct-microsequencing-deciphering (PDMD) method, and have indicated that having adequate sleep and nutrition is important to for healthy immunological and mental conditions in humans. It is also summarized that human breast milk is superior to bovine milk for human healthy babies to sleep and grow well.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.