A Review on Determination and Future of the Predictive and Personalized Medicine

  •  Mine DOSAY-AKBULUT    


Medicine contents’ have extended to predictive, personalized, preventive and participatory medicine (P4). ‘Personalized medicine' focuses on the prediction of potential benefits or risks for individuals as possible as in detailed. Biomarker discovery, biocomputing and nanotechnology have opened a new horizon on ‘personalized medicine’ (including disease detection, diagnosis and therapy by using individual's molecular profile) and ‘predictive medicine’ (to predict disease development, progression and clinical outcome, by using the genetic and molecular information).

Personalized medicine can be applied to a lot of different areas. P4 medicine, based on use of marker-assisted diagnosis and targeted therapies, comes from an individual's molecular profile, will form a new way on drugs development and medicine administration. Genetic screening aimed to identify carrier and affected individuals in a particular population. Molecular diagnostic test, including genome-derived tests are getting more attention within the medicine with genotyping, RNA expression analyses, metabolic profiling, and other biomarkers. Genomics research has getting more attention on the biomedical research, translational science, and personalized medicine; divided into 3 main parts: 1) genomics to biology, 2) genomics to health, and 3) genomics to society.

We conducted a literature search via PubMed databases with using “personalized medicine”, and “application areas of P4” keywords, and summarized some of new studies.

Personalized medicine is described as an individualized treatment based on the individual's genetic variants. In other words, “for predicting health, preventing and preempting disease, and personalizing treatment depending on the each person’ unique biology", has a speedy improvement.

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