Identification of Japanese Lecanorchis (Orchidaceae) Species in Fruiting Stage

  •  Hirokazu Fukunaga    
  •  Yutaka Sawa    
  •  Shinichiro Sawa    


Plants of Lecanorchis species are heteromycotrophic and they lack green leaves. Although flowering time is short, plants with fruits can be easily found in the forests. Here we discuss the features of nine taxa namely L. triloba, L. trachycaula, L. nigricans, L. amethystea, L. kiusiana, L. suginoana, L. japonica, L. hokurikuensis, and L. flavicans var. acutiloba. From the detailed phenotypes of aerial parts of fruiting plants, we propose a method to identify the Japanese Lecanorchis species.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.