Expression of Cadherin-11 during Organogenesis in the Chick Embryo

  •  Kacie Flaherty    
  •  Alicia Paulson    
  •  Ashley Adamson    
  •  Darrell Wiens    


Cadherin-11 (cad-11) is primarily a mesenchymal cadherin that appears in delaminating neural crest cells. Its expression correlates with morphogenetic events and the pattern has been studied in mouse, rat and Xenopus embryos, but not during avian organogenesis. Our purpose was to investigate this pattern in the chick embryo during organogenesis using immunolocalization and in situ hybridization. Cad-11 was expressed in mesenchyme around the pharynx and aortic arches, eyes, auditory vesicles, lung buds, stomach, and nasal placodes. Neural expression included some cranial ganglia and also new neuroepithelium within the tail bud region undergoing secondary neurulation. We also found expression in epithelia of the developing circulatory and digestive organs. The limb buds, pineal rudiment and mesonephros were also positive. Cad-11 expression became more widespread with development. Our findings support the role of cad-11 as a mesenchymal cadherin, but provide evidence for a wider role that includes epithelial morphogenesis and secondary neurulation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.