Screening of Anticancer Materials from Myxobacteria and Evaluation of Their Bioactivity in Vivo

  •  Jia Hong    
  •  Zhang Liping    


Myxobacteria are a class of prokaryotes with complex multi-cellular behavior and could produce various
bioactive materials. Forty-eight strains stored in Key Lab of Microbial Diversity Research and Application of
Hebei Province were screened by MTT methods with L1210, Hela and normal diploid human embryonic lung
fibroblast cell lines as screening models. The results demonstrated that most of the strains could inhibit cancer
cells. The inhibition rates to L1210 and Hela are about 78.5% and 59%, respectively. Strain 910018 and 920036
showed higher inhibition activity to cancer cells L1210 and Hela in compare with lower inhibition activity to
normal diploid human embryonic lung fibroblast cell line. Therefore, the extracts from the two strains have the
potentials as anticancer drugs and were undertaken in vivo anticancer experiments. The results showed that strain
910018 and 920036 could inhibit mice transplanted liver cancer cells H22. The inhibition rate of low doses
group of strain 910018 is 69.37% and that of strain 920036 is 54.98%. Therefore, the two strains could be good
candidates for producing of anticancer drugs.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.