Flammulina Velutipes (Curt.: Fr.) Singer: An Edible Mushroom in Northern Forest of Iran and its Antagonistic Activity Against Selected Plant Pathogenic Fungi

  •  Ali Borhani    
  •  Susanna Badalyan    
  •  Narine Garibyan    
  •  Saied Mosazadeh    
  •  Esmaeil Yasari    


Flammulina velutipes is known as edible and medicinal mushroom. The fungus grow on living trees
of Zelkova carpinifolia and dead trees of Diospyros lotus (Stand and fallen) in Behshar forest area. These plants
were found as new hosts for F. velutipes. In vitro antagonistic activity of this mushroom against Bipolaris
sorokiniana, Ophiostoma ulmi, Pestalotiopsis funerea, Fusarium culmurum, and Fusarium oxysporum was
evaluated on MEA as dual culture. Colonies of the fungus were white farinaceous and powdery on MEA, later
turns yellow. Daily growth of colony was measured 5.36mm on MEA at 25 oC. Growth coefficient was indicated
36.64 and 90 mm Petriplate was covered up to 15 days after plating. The strongest and poorest antagonistic
index have been seen against Ophiostoma ulmi and Bipolaris sorokiniana, respectively.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.