Screening of Anticancer Materials from Myxobacteria in Different Natural Ecological Environment

  •  Zhang Liping    
  •  Jia Hong    


By study on ecological diversity of myxobacteria in some areas of Hebei, Yunnan Province and the
Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, more than 150 strains of 10 genera (Archangium, Myxococcus, Cystobacter,
Corallococcus, Melittangium, Sorangium, Polyangium, Chondromyces, Angiococcus and Stigmatella) of
Myxococcales were isolated from 42 samples, including some special strains that have never been described
before. The isolated strains were preliminary identified at generic level by fruiting bodies, swarms, myxospores
and vegetative cells. Myxobacteria strains that were preserved by the Key Lab of Microbial Diversity Research
and Application of Hebei Province were used to screen anticancer drugs by MTT high throughout method, with
tumor cell lines such as L1210, Hela and MRC-5 as screening model. The result demonstrated that most of the
strains could inhibit growth of tumor cells. The inhibition rates were about 78.5% to L1210 cell line, about 59%
to Hela cell line. Strain 910018 and 920036 showed higher bioactivity for growth inhibition of L1210 and Hela
cell lines, while showed lower bioactivity to MRC-5 cell line. Therefore, both of strains are valued for in vivo
tumor inhibition experiments.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.