A Profile of Innovative Women Entrepreneurs

  •  Aida Idris    


Women entrepreneurs, mainly as a result of culture, have been found to have traits different from their male counterparts and yet they grapple with similar business issues including the need to continuously change and innovate.  It is therefore striking that very little is known about the innovative practices of women entrepreneurs, especially those in developing countries.  In the study attempt is made to generate a profile of innovative women entrepreneurs based on their personal and business characteristics.  Data are compiled from a sample of 138 women entrepreneurs in Peninsular Malaysia, and analysed using ANOVA to determine any correlation between the independent and dependent variables.  The results indicate that women’s entrepreneurial innovativeness is very much affected by their age and education, as well as the type, location and size of business.  The study then proceeds with the development of their profile and concludes with several research and managerial implications.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.