Specificities of the Cultural Adaptation of French and German Firms to the Tunisian Context

  •  Tahani Horchani Elmadssia    


With the growth of the phenomenon of internationalization of firms, we are becoming more aware that the needs of the firm abroad are not always financial. The cultural aspect that has long been neglected is hitting hard and causes in case of ignorance or disrespect a source of challenge to social cohesion and good functioning of the foreign firm.
The present work highlights the need for foreign firms to demonstrate a particular sensitivity towards cultural differences and an adaptation faculty to such differences when it comes to surviving in countries where they exist.
To show that there is neither single solution to achieve this adaptation nor standard responses to problems that may arise; we conducted a comparison between the specificities of the adaptation of French and German firms in the Tunisian cultural context.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.