A Study on the Development Strategy of China’s Clothing Industry at the After-Quota Age

  •  Jing Xu    


Textile clothing is an important backbone industry in China. China is the No.1 in the production and export of clothing in the world. Its gross clothing export accounts for one fourth total global clothing trade. After a period of development, the general industrial structure is composed of the fashionable dress industry, the clothing-processing industry, and the clothing industry. In 2005, the quota for textile products was canceled for the first time. The quota system that has restricted the export of textile clothing products for a long period retreated from the history forever. World textile clothing industry enters a brand-new age. The development trend of China’s clothing industry will focus on: scale, information, brand, and fashion. Confronting with favorable and unfavorable factors, we should hold five countermeasures: brand development strategy, technique talent strategy, total costs superiority strategy, supply chain advantage strategy, and standard qualification strategy.

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