The Study of the Use of FDI to Enhance the Product Competitiveness of Integrated Circuits and Micro-electronic Components

  •  Xiangyang Zhang    
  •  Wei Liu    


Integrated Circuit (IC) industry as the cornerstone of economic development of information society with great penetration on traditional industries, as well as playing the leading role in traditional industries, has become the focus of the current international competitiveness. What is more, IC has also become an important indicator which measures the modernization and overall national strength of a country or a region. Therefore, the competitiveness of the products of integrated circuits and the products of micro-electronic components has become more social and economic significance. This paper which is on the basis of a model country (U.S.) for the future development goals and a example country (South Korea) for the comparison of current development explore the competitiveness of the status quo of China's integrated circuits and the products of micro-electronic components, and through the development of the advantages of FDI in South Korea, indicate that how to use FDI in order to enhance the competitiveness of space for development  of integrated circuits and micro-electronic components in china.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.