Causes and Sources of Waste in the Printing Industry in Ghana: A Study of Printing Houses in the Cities of Accra and Kumasi

  •  Ashford C. Chea    


This study was undertaken in the summer of 2006 to identify the causes of waste in the printing houses in two major cities in Ghana, namely, Accra and Kumasi. The scope of the study was limited to printing houses operating in the above cities only.  The relevant literature on offset lithographic printing, the categories and causes of waste, and its effects on the environment were reviewed. The method used in gathering data for the study consisted of questionnaires that were sent out to fifty-five printing houses in Accra and Kumasi. Forty-seven printing houses responded to the questionnaires. The data were thoroughly analyzed and, where necessary, presented in tables.  Finally, findings are discussed, implications outlined, recommendations and areas of future research proposed, and conclusion drawn.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.