Regular Airlines Flying towards A Low Cost Strategy

  •  Cristina Félix Pereira    
  •  Felipa Lopes dos Reis    


This article is based on a study that intends to do an embracing analysis of Services Marketing as applied to the air transportation sector.

As a main objective of the study, a Marketing strategy analysis of the national airline - TAP Portugal was carried out, with special emphasis on a new product to conquer the low cost segment.

A qualitative investigation was made with the purpose to better judge the acceptance of low cost products amongst national and foreign airline clients.

It can be concluded that sector competitiveness obliges the regular service companies to adjust their functional model and processes by offering competitive products specially designed for the low cost segment clients. Nevertheless, they can´t reduce their services to pure low cost standard because clients expect a minimum level of quality and frills from them.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.