Study on the Employee Training for China State-owned Enterprises Based on Harmony Concept

  •  Shengming Hou    


The harmonious development of China state-owned enterprise and employees is the essential approach to develop state-owned enterprise. The development of enterprise is the premise of employees’ developments, and only harmonious enterprise can ensure employees’ complete development and bring up better employees. At the same time, employee’s quality decides the development level of enterprise, and employee’s survival and complete development are the bases for the harmonious development of enterprise. In this article, we study the employee training for China state-owned enterprises based on harmony concept, and further discuss the harmonious development between enterprise and employees. The contents of the article include the comprehension of harmony concept in the development of China state-owned enterprise, the main contents and the main modes of employee training embodying harmony in the principal of employee training, which can offer primary theoretic base and implementation frame for the work of employee training, and possess the function of reference for the employee training of state-owned enterprise.

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