Marxist or Feminist Approaches to Sports Management Are There Traits in A Modern Days Society

  •  Ian Arnott    


Many scholars have attempted to apply various theories in the field of sport (Bordieu, 1984 & Brainer 2007).  This particular area looks at the relationship between Marxism to the sociology of sport and how it has influenced societal structures as well as the impact it has had on the economy. Though these theories are useful on exploring the general nature of sport, questions may be raised on have they influenced the way sports is managed today also? It is widely accepted that management theories have been influenced by industry and that many scholars have used Marxism and feminist approaches to form some sort of construct of this. However does one or two apply to all? And are they appropriate to areas such as the service industry that sport falls in too? This paper attempts to look at how Marxism may have had some influence on sports management through capitalists, masculinity and power and the weld it has had on females developing in such a field because of its deeply held roots. And more importantly possibly oppressed feminism in this field. There are also arguments made because of such oppression by the male domination that they have used sports as a vehicle to segregate society and influence the direction of sports management. Therefore the discussion in its true entirety at most is a snapshot of how one theory dominates the area of sports management and how it impinges on others both on their application and development.

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