Technology and Government Effort, A Two-headed Animal within the Competitiveness Index of the Travel and Tourism Industry

  •  Jean-Luc Pradel Mathurin Augustin    
  •  Shu-Yi Liaw    


Technology and social indicators as most important to tourism, give a two-headed feel to the index created to measure the industry's competitiveness. To prove their importance and multi-dimensional relationship, this study uses multivariate analysis techniques to investigate the relationship between them while focusing on three regions. The results indicate 78.1% of shared variance between the constructs alongside significant R2 effect and canonical correlation score, proving their relationship and importance. Five clusters were identified with the lower two needing improvements in both factors to positively influence tourism competitiveness. The top-performers displayed desirable scores while the middle class needed technology improvements.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.