Research on the Influence of Firm’s Innovation Driven on New Product Innovation Performance

  •  Qu Yan    
  •  Chun-Shuo Chen    


New product innovation and R&D are important sources for firms to obtain competitive advantages, and market knowledge is the core element for firms to obtain new product innovation performance. However, it can be also found out that the relevant discussion upon innovation has been still limited to restricted theories and the developing empirical researching area by reviewing the literature. Based on knowledge-based theory, a questionnaire survey of 220 high-technology and internet firms in China was conducted to empirically analyze the relationship between innovation driven, potential absorptive capacity, and new product innovation performance. The study found that: the potential absorptive capacity mediates the relationship between market orientation and new product performance, technological opportunity and new product performance, and the potential absorptive capability positively adjusts the relationship between technological opportunities and realized absorptive capacity. It is possible to understand more clearly the process of firms acquiring and digesting information, transforming and mining knowledge to achieve new product innovation performance by analyzing the process of knowledge absorption and conversion.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.