A Study on Constructing the Business Models of Community Development Social Enterprises from the Perspective of Social Design Strategies

  •  Chang-Chih Wei    
  •  Shang-Yun Yen    


With the development of globalization, countries encourage non-profit organizations or general enterprises to use the business model beyond profit, pay attention to social value and solve social or environmental problems synchronously. Social design is to solve social problems, promote innovation in the field of social reform, and solve all kinds of problems derived from social development. However, many social enterprises show enthusiasm for the society but ignore the importance of the management, which will be difficult to reach the goal of sustainable development.

This paper serves as a reference for social enterprises to build a sustainable management model from the aspects of social design, systems thinking and value proposition of business model through a case study. The enterprises can not only achieve a sustainable development by relying on government subsidies or the implementation of government plans, but also solve social problems by improving the social environment.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.