Relationships between Interpersonal Trust and Knowledge Sharing in Workplace: The Mediational Role of Prosocial Motives

  •  Weixu Ding    
  •  Eugene Choi    
  •  Atsushi Aoyama    


This study is different from the usual cases that testing the intuitive factor as rewarding that affects the employees’ knowledge sharing. In this study, the focus shifts to concentrating on the emotional factors such as interpersonal trust and the prosocial motives. Empirical methods are used to test the hypotheses, and the results show that interpersonal trust affects employees’ knowledge sharing significantly. Moreover, the prosocial motives have been evidenced that it moderately mediates the relationship between interpersonal trust and knowledge sharing. This study has well evidenced all the hypotheses and gives suggestions for the future research at the end.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.