Leadership and Job Satisfaction in the Healthcare Sector: An Exploratory Study in Lebanon

  •  Said Hussein    
  •  Inaya Wahidi    


More and more, healthcare institutions work to ameliorate the relation supervisor/supervised. In hospitals, transformational leadership proved to influence employee’s motivation and satisfaction (Spinelli, 2006, p.20) thus the hospital’s services. To our knowledge, there is no study conducted on the administrative employees in the healthcare sector in Lebanon that constitute our sample. There is only one study conducted on nurses by El-Jardali et al., (2008) in 69 hospitals in this country. Given this situation, we how can describe the relationship between transformational leadership and employee’s job satisfaction in hospitals? Data processing of a questionnaire administered to 455 employees of 28 over 125 hospitals in Lebanon shows that there is no significant relationship between the employee’s job satisfaction and these two transformational leadership components: leader’s idealized influence and intellectual stimulation. While we found a correlation between employee’s job satisfaction and two other components: inspirational motivation (Training; projects monitoring) and individualized consideration (Active listening to employee’s work issues).

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