TMT Cognition, First Mover Advantages and Firm Entreprenuerial Performance: A Review of Literature

  •  Rahab Ngugi    
  •  James Kilika    


Top Management Teams (TMT) cognition play a strategic role in the decision making process in any firm. It is critical for firms to integrate managerial strategic thinking, which is rooted in managerial cognition, into the strategic process. Hence TMT cognition can be seen to be a key intangible resource of the firm. The speed and efficiency of the firm’s response to the rapidly changing environment is vital to firm performance. Firm’s can integrate corporate entrepreneurship as a corporate strategy to achieve competitiveness in the market. This paper presents a review of extant theoretical and empirical literature on two constructs, TMT cognition and first mover advantages and their link to firm entrepreneurial performance. Relevant theories have been reviewed, constructs and operational indicators have also been identified, comparison against empirical studies and the emergent knowledge gap is identified. This paper proposes a theoretical model for guiding future scholarship in strategic management.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.