The Impact of Electronic Banking Services on Customer Satisfaction in the Sudanese Banking Sector

  •  Adam Hamid    
  •  Nabil Alabsy    
  •  Mohanad Mukhtar    


This research paper aims to study the impact of electronic banking services on customer satisfaction at Sudanese banks. Questionnaires were designed by the researchers. Data and information have been collected and analyzed from the internet users in the Sudanese banks clients. The study found that there are statistical significant differences of electronic services provided by the Sudanese banks on customer satisfaction. The study attempted to explain the various means of electronic banking services which might lead to the customer satisfaction.

This paper showed that the banking services over the internet has a positive impact on customer satisfaction. This study recommended that the bank management should focus on spreading the knowledge of the electronic banking services to the customers. This study emphasized the importance of the electronic banking services and recommended that the bank management should spread the technological awareness among current and prospective customers, and develop suitable infrastructure for electronic banking services in the Sudanese banking sector.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.