Integration of EFQM and Ultimate Six Sigma: A Proposed Model

  •  Arash Shahin    
  •  Reza Pourbahman    


The aim of this article is to propose a comprehensive integrated model of the EFQM, i.e. European Quality Award, and USS i.e. the Ultimate Six Sigma in order to take more advantage from both of the models simultaneously towards improving organizational performance and excellence. For this purpose, the literature has been reviewed and the structure and criteria of the models have been compared. Then, an integrated model has been developed, in which the USS has been modified and restructured compatible with the EFQM model. The results imply that the proposed integrated model includes simultaneously the criteria of both EFQM and USS models and can be used as an appropriate reference model for assessing organizations in their ways towards excellence. The proposed model involves nine major criteria similar to the EFQM model and 56 sub-criteria similar to the USS model. The criteria have been classified into two categories of enablers and results. Out of 1000 scores of the new model, 795 and 205 scores have been allocated to the enablers and results, respectively, which is different from the EFQM model in which the sum of scores of enablers and results are divided equal (i.e. 500).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.