Exploring Migration Economy – Understanding the Loss of the Arab World

  •  Mohamed Buheji    


Migration economy has been getting more attention in the last two decades and specially in the last few years due to the huge migration movements around the world, but specifically from South to North. Lots work have been written about the economics of migration and how they create positive and negative impacts on the hosting countries and societies, however few literatures focused on exploring the loss of the migrants’ countries of origin and quantifying the benefits for the hosting countries.

The Arab world suffered lately more than any other region in the world lots of traumas that led to make its push factors much more than its pull factors for people with the ambition of change and creating a legacy. In this study, we shall explore the level of loss that Arab world have reached and what is the foresighted migration decisions for pulling successful people in the future, especially if the same conditions and practices exist in such countries. The data collected for seventy screened successful Arab Migrants helps to clarify what type of precious human capital the future carries towards the hosting countries. A tabulation of the level of the contribution of the successful Arab migrants is evaluated and lead for sharper conclusion about the value of these precious assets.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.