The Factors Affecting Jordanians Housewives Consumption Behavior: A Qualitative Approach

  •  Mohammad Obeidat    
  •  Abdullah Oweidat    
  •  Nazieh Hamdi    
  •  Zaid Obeidat    


Based on the findings of semi-structured interviews with (N=129) Jordanian housewives, this study examined the psychological, social, and marketing influences on the purchase and consumption behavior of Jordanian housewives. Overall, the findings of this study showed that the purchase decisions of the housewives were motivated by necessity to satisfy basic needs and the family appeared to be the main influencer affecting the housewife purchase decision.  With regards to the factors prohibiting consumption, inflation appeared to be the main factor discouraging housewives from making purchases. A number of managerial implications and suggestions are also presented.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.