Role of E-retailer’s Image in Online Consumer Behaviour – Empirical Findings from E-customers’ Perspective in Saudi Arabia

  •  Zaid Ansari    
  •  Faran Qadri    


Retailing business especially E-retailing is being considered one of the most dynamic and rapidly changing sectors of most of the emerging nations including Saudi Arabia. Nowadays, rapid changes in technological environment i.e. use of internet, availability of social media instruments etc. especially in e-retailing business have attracted the researchers to explore various issues of significance in online marketing. The objective of the present study is to demonstrate the significance and importance of e-retailers image on online shopping behavior of consumers. Structured and self-framed questionnaire consisting 15 questions (variables) with five (5) point Likert Scale has been considered as research instrument in the present study. To ensure the appropriateness of research instrument, Factor Analysis method has been used. Reliability of Questionnaire used in study was found very high (Cronbach Alpha value .956). After Factor Analysis procedure, two (2) factors consisting fifteen (15) variables i.e. ‘Reliability Quality’ with eight (8) variables and ‘Payment Option’ with seven (7) variables) has been extracted with 36.351 and 35.004 per cent variation respectively with overall variation of 71.355 per cent. All the variables extracted in factor analysis part have been found very much significant and important because their mean values were much higher than the midpoint. Among all the variables ‘Range of Product Selection’ has been found most dominant and ‘Loyalty Programs of the e-retailer’ has been found least important. Further discussion has been made in the study regarding analysis results. The results will be useful for the e-retailers especially in Saudi Arabia and middle-east and also outside the region. The e-retailers can plan their area of focus based on the findings of the study.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.