Theories' Gap of international Technological Entrepreneurship Opportunities

  •  Mohammad Amin Keshmiri Hagh    
  •  Mohammad Hassan Mobaraki    
  •  Jahangir Yadollahi Farsi    
  •  Ali Mobini Dehkordi    


Most scholars believe that for recognition and exploiting entrepreneurial opportunities the traditional models and theories of don’t have the required efficiency in the technological and international contexts since the liner nature of these models aren’t compatible with these situations and needs nonlinear models to identify and exploit these opportunities. Therefore, applying suitable and new strategies are inevitable to provide customers’ requirements with uncertainties in the technological and international contexts. In this study, the theories about international technological entrepreneurship opportunities are discussed and the theoretical gaps were investigated. The review revealed that some questions are in this field that have not been regarded in the current theories and more studies should be conducted based on these topics to answer the theoretical gaps.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.