The Availability and Efficiency of Health Insurance to Expatriates: Empirical Findings from Saudi Arabia

  •  Hashem AlNemer    


Health Insurance represents the largest sectors among all types of insurance in Saudi Arabia with a Gross Written Premiums of 51% of the whole insurance market in Saudi Arabia. The high growth of health insurance sector in Saudi Arabia was driven by the obligation mandated by the Ministry of Health "MOH" and Council of Cooperative Health Insurance "CCHI" for expatriates and their families living in Saudi Arabia to have their health insurance, affected mid of 2014. However, the regulations didn’t specify the types and quality of health insurance used. The regulations also didn’t take into consideration the salaries of the expatriates which might affect their financial positions in case of policy cancelation. No studies have been conducted on the Saudi Arabian health insurance market to explore the efficiency and quality of expatriates’ health insurance policy. This paper attempts to fill the gap. The main aim of this study was to explore the availability and efficiency of health care system to expatriates. The quality of health insurance policy relies on the selections made by the employers. The research used qualitative methodology for collection of primary data. A total of 324 responds were received and considered usable for the research. The results were astonishing that most of the participants have their own health insurance policy, however not all service are available to them. Most of the participants clarified that their health insurance policy, did not cover of most of the risk they encountered, it did not cover the medical treatment expenses, as well as the surgery and operation expenses. Such results will put financial burden on expatriates in case their health insurance claims been canceled.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.