Innovation Adoption in Mexican Small Family Firms

  •  Sandra Pinzón-Castro    
  •  Gonzalo Maldonado-Guzmán    
  •  José Trinidad Marín-Aguilar    


Innovation is a topic that has been widely analyzed and discussed in the literature of business and management sciences and there a far and wide consensus among scholars, researchers and professionals that innovation activities should be considered not only as a business strategy but also as a daily activity in enterprises, especially in small and medium-sized ones. However, a high percentage of theoretical and empirical published investigations have focused in the innovation activities of big enterprises while only a small percentage has analyzed this construct in small and medium-sized enterprises. Only a few of them have focused in small, family-owned enterprises even when this type of business is the most representative of the economy and society in country around the world. Therefore, the main goal of this empirical research is the analysis of adopting innovation activities in small, family-owned businesses in an emerging country, as it is the case of Mexico. The results obtained show that there is a clear adoption of innovation in products, processes and management systems from small family businesses.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.