Analysis of Critical Success Factors Influence on Critical Delays for Water Infrastructure Construction Projects in the Abu Dhabi emirate Using PLS-SEM Method

  •  Jaafer Altarawneh    
  •  Vinesh Thiruchelvam    
  •  Behrang Samadi    


The objective of this study is to investigate the significance impact of critical success factors on critical delays in the field of water infrastructure construction projects (WICPs) in the Abu Dhabi emirate in particular. Investigation was conducted utilizing quantitative approach by means of questionnaire survey to examine the understanding of professionals engaged in water infrastructure construction towards several critical success factors influencing critical delays. A total of 323 completed responses from owners, consultants and contractors representatives were gathered against 450 distributed questionnaires.

The gathered questionnaires were analysed using an advanced multivariate statistical method of Partial Least Square Structural Equation Modelling (PLS-SEM). Data analysis was conducted in two major phases. The first phase involved a preliminary analysis of the data, to ensure that the data adequately meet the basic assumptions in using SEM. The second phase applied the two stages of SEM. The first stage included the establishment of measurement models for the latent constructs in the research. After confirming the uni-dimensionality, reliability and validity of the constructs in the first stage, the second stage developed to test the research hypotheses through developing the structural models. The results indicated that Project Management Process (PMP), Project Manager’s Competency (PMC), Project Team’s member Competency (PTC), Project Organizational Planning (POP), Project Resources’ Utilization (PRU) and Project Organizational Commitment (POC) had significant positive effects on Critical Delay Factor Evaluation (CDFS). From the results of moderation analysis revealed that Project Benchmark Characteristics (PBC) is positively moderate the effects of Project Management Process (PMP), Project Manager’s Competency (PMC) and Project Team’s member Competency (PTC) and Project Organizational Planning (POP) on Critical Delay Factor Evaluation (CDFS).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.