The Influence of International Education Accreditation on a Graduate Health and Hospital Program

  •  Wadi Alonazi    


The overriding objective was to compare the influence of Assurance of Learning (AoL), on several graduate students’ pedagogical outcomes before and after an international accreditation program. A self-administered questionnaire was employed to collect data from subjects enrolled in a graduate program. Out of 122 graduate students who voluntarily participated in the pretest (2015), only 88 students participated in the posttest (2017). Overall, the students expressed effective AoL in many pedagogical outcomes based on the post-accreditation process. A high positive correlation was observed between the overall effectiveness of AoL and communication skills (r = 0.875, p = 0.01). Of the pre-accredited group, 56.2% reported effective AoL outcomes; this percentage increased to 77.8%. The pretest and posttest results indicated significant differences in AoL (p < 0.01). Health programs accreditation provides effective outcomes on academic as well as personal leadership levels. Continuous implementation and assessment of AoL must be monitored periodically to ensure its successful contribution to health programs and business schools.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.