The Impact of Private Universities’ Websites Services’ Quality on the Reputation in Jordan (An Applied Study)

  •  Ali Al-zoubi    
  •  Mohammad AlShoura    
  •  Ayman Oudh    


This study aimed to grasp the impact of services quality of the Jordanian private universities’ websites, on the reputation of these universities. The variables of website quality was relied on through the class of the website design in terms of comprehensiveness and attractiveness, the information quality in relation to its currentness and accuracy, and the services’ quality for its reliability and responsiveness. The reputation variables consisted of; admiration, respect, and satisfaction. The study population consists of students at; Amman Arab University, Al Israa University, Zaytoonah University, Jadraa University, Jarash University and Princess Sumaya University for Technology, which all are Jordanian private universities in Amman and Irbid. The number of females and males students were (28512) students A sample of (600) Sekeran students was selected, Some of the most important conclusions the study found are; Jordanian universities have a good reputation, students are highly reverence and admire their universities. Although the information’s quality provided by universities' websites was not to the aspirational level of the of the students, the design quality was at a good level, and the study also showed, that there is an impact on the reputation of the universities, due to their websites quality. The study presented recommendations, not limited to, but some of which are; the need to improve both qualities of services and information at the websites of Jordanian private universities.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.