Willingness to Learn: Cultural Intelligence Effect on Perspective Taking and Multicultural Creativity

  •  Diana Castañeda    
  •  Aihua Huang    
  •  Ahuitz Avalos    


Technological development has intensified interconnectivity in the global sphere creating highly diverse markets and workplaces making increasingly challenging for contemporary organizations to manage culturally diverse environments while benefiting from them. Hence, fostering employees’ ability to produce both novel and useful ideas within cross-cultural environments has gained enormous importance. This research attempts to better understand the relationship between cultural intelligence (CQ), perspective taking, and multicultural creativity. Data analysis from a causal, descriptive, non-experimental network survey, containing a remote associates test, supports the proposed theoretical framework in which cultural intelligence has an influence on the relationship between perspective taking and the individuals’ capability of drawing upon knowledge from distinct cultures. The results of the study show that two dimensions of cultural intelligence, motivational CQ and behavioral CQ, positively influence individuals’ multicultural creativity. These findings have positive implications when facing the urgent necessity of cross-cultural collaboration.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.