Traditional Governance and Innovative Strategies in Italian Family SMEs: Evidence from Tuscany

  •  Mariacristina Bonti    
  •  Enrico Cori    


Governance in family businesses is a relatively recent research topic in the field of management studies. Much research has sought to shed light on the factors that shape the relationship between governance structures and corporate strategies. Nevertheless, very little research has specifically addressed the relationships between the configuration of the Board of Directors and the firm’s willingness to carry out innovative strategies. Our study aims to shed light on the relationship between the corporate governance structures and the pace of innovation within family SMEs. Evidence from three family-owned SMEs located in Tuscany (Italy) highlights that a traditional type of governance structure can co-exist with the search for innovative strategies and that the intensity of the innovation processes may not be tied to the Board’s composition.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.