The Analysis of Hypothesis Testing on Rare Sugars in Kagawa Prefecture

  •  Hiromasa Takeyasu    
  •  Yuki Higuchi    
  •  Masazumi Tanaka    
  •  Yumiko Matsushita    
  •  Kazuhiro Takeyasu    


The Rare Sugars exist naturally and have many kinds (more than 50). They have good effect for health such as prevention of increasing the blood‐sugar level after eating, suppression of fat accumulation, suppression of increasing the blood pressure, and anti-oxidative effect etc. It is in the spotlight for many people especially for those who are in the metabolic syndrome. The Rare Sugars are prevailing in Japan by such activities as cooking class where the Rare Sugars are utilized for the new cuisine. There are few related papers concerning the marketing research and its utilization of this matter. In this paper, a questionnaire investigation is executed to the student of Kagawa Junior College in order to clarify consumers’ current condition and their consciousness, and to seek the possibility of utilizing the Rare Sugars. Fundamental statistical analysis and Hypothesis Testing analysis are executed based on that. Some interesting and instructive results were obtained.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.