The Impact of the Audit Committees' Properties on the Quality of the Information in the Banking Financial Reports: A Survey on Saudi Commercial Banks

  •  Mwafag Rabab’ah    
  •  Omar Al-Sir    
  •  Ali Alzoubi    


This study aims to identify the impact of the audit committees' properties on the quality of the information of the banking financial reports in the Saudi commercial banks by identifying the effect of identifying tasks and duties, independence, accounting and banking experience and efficiency of the audit committee on achieving the quality of the Saudi banking and financial reports. 110 questionnaires were distributed on the research sample and 105 questionnaires were received and analyzed through ANOVA. Results indicate that the availability of the audit committees' properties affect increasing the quality of the financial reports in the Saudi banking at the level of properties as a whole where the (P) probable value was (0.000 ), which is less than 0.05. It represents the functions and duties of the audit committee, the committee's independence in banks, the availability of the accounting and banking experience for the members of the audit committee and the efficiency of the audit committees at banks. The study recommends more emphasis on the diversity of the experiences of the members of the audit team and thus; the committee can performs its functions in a more efficient and effective way.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.