The Study on the Theories' Gap of Technological Entrepreneurship Opportunities Emergence

  •  Behrooz Jamali    
  •  Reza MohammadKazemi    
  •  Jahangir Farsi    
  •  Ali Dehkordi    


Many believe that traditional models and traditional theories of identifying and exploiting opportunities in such situations do not have the required efficiency since they act linearly and require nonlinear models to identify and exploit these opportunities. Henceforth, adapting compatible and innovative strategies are necessary to meet the changing needs of customers as well as environmental uncertainties. In this research, while studying existing theories about technological entrepreneurship opportunities, a theoretical gap was studied. The study showed that there are several questions that have not been addressed in existing theories and more research should be done to answer these questions and to fill the theories gap.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.