The Impact of Customer Relationship Management on Long-term Customers’ Loyalty in the Palestinian Banking Industry

  •  Raed Iriqat    
  •  Mohannad Daqar    


This paper aims to investigate the impact of customer relationship management on Long-term Customers’ Loyalty in the Palestinian banking industry. The data was collected through distributing questionnaires on the Palestinian banking employees. Using multiple regression analysis tests, this paper finds these results; there is a positive and strong linear relationship between dependent variable “long-term customers’ loyalty” and CRM, the CRM dimensions are service quality, customer’s database, solving customer’s problems, employees behavior, and CRM system integration. At the end, the two predictors (employee’s behavior and CRM system integration) explained 48.2% of the variance in the long-term customers’ loyalty. The scholars’ found that banks have to investigate why there is a difference in the service quality level between male and female employees where male employees more effective than females. Furthermore, banks need to update their customers’ database in order to be alerted to changes in their customers’ requirements and needs to retain their loyal relationships with customers.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.