Assets growth, foreign ownership and type of industry in multinational companies

  •  Mehdi Rasouli Ghahroudi    
  •  Stephen Turnbull    
  •  Yasuo Hoshino    


This empirical study explores first the relationship between type of industry and subsidiary age, export ratio and MNCs’ firm factors. Second, we examined the impact of country of origin, foreign ownership and parent’s specific factors on asset growth ratio (AGR). Based on data derived from 2500 foreign companies in Japan, the findings show that the factors of foreign ownership, experience in host market, country of origin, export and parents company’s sales and the number of employees as a proxy of firm size have significantly effect on AGR. Also our finding shows that foreign companies in manufacturing industries are more likely to be as an international joint venture with a foreign manager and higher ratio of import and greater number of foreign employees. Finally, contrary to our expectations, we found that the total asset of parent company has negatively associated with type of industry. In the other word, firms in service industries are more likely to have greater total asset than those in manufacturing sectors.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.