The Performance of Employees Who Works at Foreign Banks in Indonesia

  •  Willy Arafah    


The purpose of this reserach is to discuss the performance of foreign banking in Indonesia, including the performance of onshore and offshore banking activities, and local security devices. Although the offshore business of foreign banks has been relatively more active over the years than the onshore business, there has been a recent sharp increase in onshore business, and some indication of a more sympathetic attitude to onshore foreign banking by the regulatory authorities. This suggests that it is an appropriate time for surveying the foreign bank performance of Indonesia. Indonesia's banks still achieve the highest margins among their regional peers, maintaining their allure for investors, despite the headwinds and occasional crises they have faced in recent and perhaps upcoming years. Indonesia, the largest economy in Southeast Asia is more attractive compared to its neighbors. This study aims to determine the factors that affect the performance of employees working at foreign banks in Indonesia, this study was conducted in 2017, The research question lies in whether each of those factors has a simultaneous and partial effect on the employees performance or otherwise. Using the quantitative method, the population of this study was 550 respondents employees of foreign banks at the level of staff until the director with N = 1565. The results in this study are servant leadership employee engagement and organizational citizenship behavior greatly affect job performance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.