Exploring the Impact of Knowledge Sharing on the Innovative Work Behavior of Employees: A Study in China

  •  Tayyaba Akram    
  •  Shen Lei    
  •  Muhammad Jamal Haider    
  •  Syed Talib Hussain    


This study is an attempt to find out the impact of knowledge sharing on the innovative work behavior of employees working in telecommunication sector of China. Particularly, the focus of this study is on the two important dimensions of knowledge sharing namely knowledge donating and knowledge collecting. For this purpose, data of 200 employees from telecommunication sector of China was collected and analyzed through correlation and multiple regression techniques. The results suggest that both knowledge donating and knowledge collecting are positively and significantly affect the innovative work behavior of the employees working in telecommunication industry. However, knowledge collecting was found as a better contributor in facilitating the employee innovative work behavior. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.