Innovation and Development through Local Creative Industries: The Goldsmith Center in Caserta – Tarì

  •  Mario Mustilli    
  •  Filomena Izzo    
  •  Domenico Graziano    


Creative industries are one of the main productive factors that fuel quality and competition; driving forces of the Italian economy. Creative industries are leading the economic growth all over the world through their techniques, among which are Co-creation and Design Thinking. New business models are being developed which are having positive effects on other business sectors and on the urban areas where they are located.

This research analyzes whether creative industries in the Goldsmith Center in Caserta (Tarì) are adopting the same innovative techniques (esp. Co-creation and Design Thinking) and if they are able to contribute to the territorial economic development.

Interviews were carried out to determine the awareness of the innovative techniques (Co-creation and Design Thinking) and their potential.

The results of the research indicate some confusion on the innovative techniques – Co-creation and Design Thinking – but there is a general consensus on the advantages, with positive effects on the local and/or regional business communities.

The results, in short, show that the craftsmanship of the goldsmiths in Caserta, or rather, the creative sector in question, can have some positive effects even on other business sectors in the province of Caserta and, therefore, on local development.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.