Segment Information: What Do European Small and Mid-Caps Disclose?

  •  Frederic Demerens    
  •  Pascale Delvaille    
  •  Anne Le Manh    
  •  Jean-Louis Paré    


The adoption of the IFRS 8 accounting standard symbolises the IASB's dual commitment: an effort toward convergence and harmonisation with the American standard, but also an effort to optimise the standardisation process through an unprecedented study: a post-implementation review. Many studies have laid the groundwork for an implementation review of the standard, mostly focusing on large firms. However, intermediate-size companies – which are much more numerous – are also faced with the application of IFRS standards. In this context, our study aims to analyse the implementation of IFRS 8 by a sample of intermediate-size European listed companies. Our research questions mainly focus on issues of compliance with the standard and the comparability of segment information reported by intermediate-size European companies. Our findings reveal a lower level of compliance than that observed in previous studies on samples of multinationals. The intermediate-size European companies in our sample use fewer segments and provide less information per segment, without however neglecting voluntary disclosures. Some significant differences emerge between companies depending on their country of domicile and their economic sector.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.