The Performance of Two Anchor Domestic Malaysian Banks before and after Acquisition

  •  Jakpar S.    
  •  Tinggi M.    
  •  Chong T.    
  •  Johari A.    
  •  Myint T.    


This article is undertaken to assess the performance of domestic Malaysian banks before and after acquisition. This paper focuses on two pairs of anchor banks which merged and acquired other minor banks in Malaysia from year 2001 until 2013. The research period is 2 years before and 2 years after the acquisitions. The method being used in this research is financial ratios and event study. Nine selected financial ratios were used in this research to find the difference between pre and post acquisitions. Whereas event study is used to find the abnormal return, average abnormal return, cumulative abnormal return, and t-test hypothesis. The event window in this research is a total of 21 days before and after the acquisitions including the actual day of the event announcement. The results for this research indicate that there was improvement for Hong Leong Bank and EON Bank. RHB Bank on the other hand was outperforming by Bank Utama. There were limitation when carrying out this research such as difficulties to retrieve the needed annual report and historical price to conduct the investigation. The time lag on certain banks performance may need more time to see a better result while others may perform well in short period.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.