Impact of Professionalism and Accountability among Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) Staffs in Selangor, Malaysia

  •  Mahiswaran Selvanathan    
  •  Noor Zeni    
  •  Pei Tan    


One of the biggest challenges in public sector is to make the customer satisfied. The service provider of public sector in Malaysia face greater challenge in making their customers happy due to the lame systems. This paper attempts to develop a general framework by examining the concepts of professionalism, accountability, work quality, and customer satisfaction. The main purpose of this study is to increase the customer satisfaction by focusing on effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of a RMP staff through professionalism and accountability. In this study, the convenience sampling is used for data collection. A total of 86 respondents were participated in this research. The data has been gathered from the respective employees of the front-line services to measure the customer satisfaction based on the employees. The attempt of this paper is to improve the Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Productivity for the service delivery in public sector.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.